Hosting a Barbecue for 100+ people

Published: 05th October 2011
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Hosting an enormous Barbeque for 100+ individuals

You may be organising a party, wedding reception or simply a large gathering, a bbq offers a great way to cater for large numbers.

Catering for over 100 people can be quite a time consuming - however with careful planning and also time-saving techniques, it is possible to co-ordinate a huge barbecue together with minimum fuss.

Here are some of the crucial items to consider:


Where will you hold the Gas Barbeque?

Whether itís your garden, your friendís back garden or perhaps a venue that youíve appointed especially for the day, take the time to think about whether or not this is going to be large enough to fit all of your guests properly and comfortably.

Think about admittance and exit points to ensure that people donít cause a log jams when arriving and leaving and consider exactly where you are going to put the cooking and serving stations to ensure that individuals may get to them quickly.

Make it possible for any guests who will be showing up by vehicle understand beforehand where they must park.

Weather condition

Perhaps the biggest issue with arranging a big barbecue is basically that you will need to choose a particular date well in advance which means that people canít guarantee that the elements will be in your favour once the day actually arrives

Have a contingency plan in case of bad weather or wind.

Providing you can still cook the meals and still provide protected locations for the friends, then you will be capable to proceed with your bbq no matter the weather.

The Barbeque

Evaluate the size of your barbecue.

In the event you donít possess a large bbq already it could be really worth investing in built to be ideal for mass catering.

On the other hand, utilize three or four smaller barbecues and specify each one of these for a different food sort - one for meat, one intended for vegetarian dishes, one for fish and so on.

Do not forget that you could be cooking food more than several hours, so ensure that you have sufficient energy in addition to hold raw food in the fridge or possibly a cool box until you will be ready to cook it.

Food and Drink

The sort of food you provide will probably be determined largely by the style of bbq that you are hosting.

For an relaxed affair itís most likely better to keep things uncomplicated with a couple of meat alternatives, a vegetarian choice along with a good variety of side salads as well as breads.

If perhaps youíre planning anything more formal like a wedding party, you may want to bring in a couple of different dishes like a selection of fish, hot vegetable dishes along with a choice of desserts.

In any event, itís often a good thought to incorporate a few things which donít require cooking as well as stay with recipes that you could upfront.

Think of fridge space.

Make certain you will possess ample space to keep everything properly and if not, invest in some heavy duty cool containers or perhaps ask a neighbour if you can use their fridge.

On the subject of beverages make sure you have a good choice of alcoholic beverages as well as soft drinks.

Make an appointment with the local off-licence ahead of time because they may give you a Ďsale or returní scheme allowing you to acquire in excess of you think you will need and then give back every unopened items.

Maintaining drinks chilly can be hard in hot weather especially if your fridge is already full of food items.

Look at keeping drinks chilly in containers of ice, or pack a bath or even a thoroughly clean dustbin with cold water to keep wine bottles chilled.

Get a few supporting hands

Whenever providing for big numbers donít try and do everything on your own.

Draw up in a few sensible volunteers to help you plus assign different jobs to them including greeting the guests, serving refreshments as well as helping with the cooking.

Health and Safety

Itís always important to take into account health and safety practises irrespective of how many people are at the barbecue however when hosting a big Charcoal Barbecue the increased numbers often means that mishaps are more likely to occur.

Ensure you havecurrently have fire extinguishers, fire blankets as well as first aid kits handy.

Avoid food poisoning by making certain you are assured in terms of food safety plus cleanliness.

Should you be recruiting volunteers to help with the food preparation, make certain they can be alert to how to prepare as well as cook food properly too.

If itís a hot day, supply areas of cover from the sun for your visitors so they donít experience sunburn or sunstroke and make sure there are lots of soft drinks available so that everybody is able to keep properly hydrated when enjoying the sunshine.

Hints and Tips

When you are hosting a large bbq, the last thing you want to do is running around in a blind panicas you cannot find a certain item.

Here are a few hints and tips to help you keep calm and also sorted:

ē Have lots of utensils for cooking as well as serving.

You should produce an further set to handle the vegetarian food items.

ē Use disposable plates, utensils and also drinking glasses - not only does the following save on the actual dish washing but will also helps prevent breakages.

ē Put the bread as well as condiments near to the barbecue in addition to line things up in a sensible order so that your ! friends can get their bread, then their own bbq food last but not least their own condiments without any fuss.

ē Consider placing food for example bread, salads, salsa and salad dressings on a couple of various tables so that you donít have a crowd around one table.

ē There are usually spillages during barbecues, so offer kitchen towels, serviettes and also wipes for the guests to aid themselves to.

ē Provide plenty of containers for rubbish and also recycling.

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