How To Defeat The Bugs At Your BBQ Party

Published: 04th February 2011
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Beating The Pests At Your BBQ Get together

Itís excellent to ask buddies for your gas barbecue get together - whatís not

so great is when tiny guests turn up uninvited.

The worst thing you would like at the bbq celebration is a swarm of wasps or

an army of bugs trying to get in on the action.

An insectís party tricks, for instance climbing right up table legs and

flying close to peoples faces, will not only frustrate you and your guests,

but might even drive them indoors, so hereís how to deal with the problem:

The Midgeater

The Midgeater is actually a comprehensive as well as efficient means of

eliminating your garden of pesky midges spoiling your bbq.

Midges are interested in humans through the carbon dioxide we breathe out -

and the Midgeater ingeniously mimics this, giving off the perfumed lure so

that you can lure them near.

Once the midges will be near enough, they are drawn within and held in a

disposable bag.

No matter if commercial or household, you will find Midgeater products to

match all situations - from your back garden to the local bar.

For more details on the Midgeater selection, go to recognized Midgeater


Citronella Light

Kemper Citronella Lighting unit are ideal for lighting your garden and

decorating ones alfresco table, whilst keeping flies as well as midges at bay.

Citronella oil from the cartridge held in the base of the light fixture is

actually burnt, launching a smell uncomfortable to midges as well as gnats to

ensure they maintain a safe distance.

The actual aroma is actually completely pleasant for individuals, rendering

it one of the most attractive bug repellents around.

The terracotta lights are merely £25 in the Calor Barbecue Store and can

easily be topped up with a new cartridge, for just £5.

Organic Measures

Here are some natural methods to maintain your party bug-free:

Hold your get together away from the a lot of good smelling flowers within

your yard. Insects like strong colognes and are generally drawn toward these.

This includes hairspray and perfumes, so go easy on the aftershave!

Utilize a great deal of garlic in your food preparation, and adorn by using

fresh lavender. Pests donít like these scents so will steer clear.

Vivid clothes appeals to the pests.

Look at toning down your colour scheme if you donít want to appeal to the

gnats - wasps are generally specifically keen on the colour yellow.

Ridiculous as it seems, you may want to try avoiding bananas prior to going

out to a bbq get together - some bugs will be interested in the nectar

through your skin.

In late summer, wasps tend to be particularly drawn to sweet elements - you

are able to guide them away from thebash by placing a dish of jam or ale in

the opposite end of the yard.

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